A Joke




A coming-of-age story about love, adventure and the most harrowing thing in a teenager’s life – the anxiety of what lies ahead.



At the end of her high school years, Nadia is struggling to face a major decision that would determine her future. On one hand, she receives an admissions letter from a college in Amsterdam that might hold the promise of leaving her small home country. On the other hand, whilst hanging out in an extremely unusual and dangerous setting with her friend and crush Ivan, she isn’t sure if he utters those three simple words that might change everything: “I love you, Nadia”.


Basic Info

21 minutes/ budget: 25,000 Euros/ 2K / DCP /  2023 / co-producers: IRL – MK; IZVAN FOKUSA – CRO


Cast & Crew

Director: Trifun Sitnikovski
Producer: Goce Kralevski,
Sashka Cvetkovska, Adrijana Prugovečki
Director of Photography: Sergej Sarchevski
Music: Martina Siljanovska
Production Designer: Aleksandra Petkova
Screen Writer: Trifun Sitnikovski
Editor: Goce Kralevski
Costume Designer: Marta Dojchinovska
Make up: Ivana Spirovska
Sound Designer: Risto Alchinovski

Principal Cast: Jana Nikodinovska, Marko Ilievski


Worshops & Awards

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