The Last Church Bells





The last remaining occupant of an old abandoned village communicates with the last remaining occupant of the neighbouring village via the church bell.


The last remaining occupant of an old abandoned village uses a church bell to communicate with the last remaining occupant of a neighboring village. One day, the old man is extremely disturbed by the fact that the bell from the other village is silent. He decides to go to the other village, where he finds his friend dead. He buries him and then returns to his everyday life. After a while, the old man is disturbed again when the usual silence is broken by the bell from the other village


Year of Released: 2017
Running Time: 13′


Cast & Crew

Director: Nikolce Popovski
Producer: Goce Kralevski
Director of Photography: Fejmi Daut
Art Direction: Nikola Angjelovski
Screen Writer:Nikolce Popovski
Editor: Goce Kralevski
Music: Darko Spasovski, Goran Kerkez
Costume Design: Irena Bonevska

Principal Cast: Meto Jovanovski


Festivals & Awards


Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada, 2017–1st prize SHORT FILMS
Saint-Petersburg International film Festival, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2018
– WINNER of the SPIF
Light for World, Yaroslavl, Russia 2018 –  Award for Best Cinematography & 2nd Place in Short Fiction Competition
Balkan Film Food Festival, Podgradec, Albania 2018 – Special mention by the Jury
International Film Festival TONNEINS, France 2018 – PRIX D’HONNEUR / AWARD OF HONOR
Macedonian Film Festival, Toronto, Canada 2018 – BEST SHORT
RESTL FEST, Belgrad, Serbia 2018 – Best short fiction film


International Short Film Festival in Drama, Drama, Greece 2017
Kinenova, Skopje, Macedonia 2017
Cinedays, Skopje, Macedonia 2017
Leuven international short film festival, Leuven, Belgium 2017
Sylhet Film Festival, Sylhet, Bangladesh 2018
Globe International Silent Film Festival, USA 2018
Fastnet Film Festival, Schull, Ireland, 2018
Skopje Film Festival, Skopje, Macedonia 2018

Kraljevski filmski festival, Kraljevo, Serbia 2018
DrimShort, Struga, Macedonia 2018
Macedonian Cinema Days, Sydney Australia 2018
Forteca – International Film Festival, Perast, Montenegro 2018
Tetova International Film Festival – ODA, Tetovo, Macedonia 2018
Festival International du Film Nancy, Nancy, France 2018
Festival Mediteranskog i Evropskog Filma, Trebinje, BIH 2018
UNSEEN Mini Film Festival, Cavtat, Croatia 2018
Kultivator, Skopje, Macedonia 2018
Festival International Signs de Nuit, Paris, France 2018
International Bosnia-Herzegovina Looks Around Festival, Bottrop, Germany 2018
Tirana International Film Festival, Tirana, Albania 2018
FICMA, Salamanca, Spain 2018
International Festival VGIK, Moscow, Russia 2018
Mira lincoln festival internacional de cortometrajes, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018
Winter Apricots, Prilep, Macedonia 2018
Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival, Kolkata, India 2018
In-Short FILM Festival, Lagos, Nigeria 2018
ARTINVITA – Abruzzo International Festival, Abruzzo, Italy 2019
BOSH FESTIVAL – Gevgelija, Macedonia 2019
Paraná Internacional Films Festival, Parana, Argentina 2019


1st Prize for “The last church bells”
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