Serbian Film Center about “Sabattier Effect”

Serbian Film Center about “Sabattier Effect”


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“Sabattier Effect” started shooting in Skopje and Ohrid.

At the end of the week in Skopje and Ohrid, the director Eleonora Veninova started shooting her first feature film “Sabattier Effect”, based on her screenplay, produced by Goce Kralevski from “DNF Films”.

“Sabattier Effect” is a co-production project which, in addition to the Film Agency, received support from the Film Center of Serbia and SEE Cinema Network, and has the support of Eurimages in the field of co-production development.

The film will star Sara Klimoska, Blagoj Veselinov, Kamka Tocinovski, cinematographer is Lev Predan Kovarski from Slovenia, set designer is Srdjan Mitrovic-Dzidzi, costume designer is Zaklina Krstevska.

Macedonian film production is making a strong comeback after the pandemic lockdown with the start of the shooting of the domestic feature Sabattier Effect




“Sabattier Effect” supported by Eurimages

At 158th management board meeting which took place online the Council of Europe’s Eurimages Fund agreed to support the film “Sabattier Effect” by Macedonian director Eleonora Veninova in the amount of 88,000 euros.

Eleonora Veninova’s feature film  focuses on a troubled teenager who upsets the fragile balance of a married couple after visiting them for a few days.

Eurimage’s supported 19 feature films, 2 animated films and 7 documentaries with a total of 6,138,000 euros at this session.

The fund noted that 37.5% of the supported projects were directed by women and that 2,078,000 euros were allocated to these projects, representing 34% of the total amount allocated.

More funding for “Sabattier Effect”

The Sabattier Effect, a film written by Eleonora Veninova beside the funding from the Macedonian Film Agency, now have received a funding from the Serbian film center, and the SEE Cinema Network. So now the project has official public funds from other fundings and Co-prudctions.

Approved funding for our film “Sabattier Effect”.

We are proud to announce that the Macedonian Film Agency has approved funding for our film “Sabattier Effect”. The film is produced by Goce Kralevski from DNF Films and written/directed by Eleonora Veninova.

“The Last Church Bells” Honored at the Tonneins International Film Festival

“The Last Church Bells” continues with awards. Honored to get the award of honor (PRIX D’HONNEUR) at the Tonneins International Film Festival

Special mention for “The Last Church Bells”.

Special mention by the jury at the Balkan 3f in Pogradec, Albania for the movie “The Last Church Bells”.
The Festivals and Awards are pilling up 🙂

NEW 2 awards at the Russian Festival for “The Last Church Bells”

NEW 2 awards at the Russian Festival “Light for World”: The Award for Best Cinematography (for the cinematographer FEJMI DAUT) and the 2nd place in short fiction competition!

“The Last Church Bells” won award in Russia

The Last Church Bells won the audience award and at the same time was named the winner of the Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival. This was also a  Russian premiere. After a series of successful festival shows at several important festivals this is the second prize for the The Last Church Bells.

“The Last Church Bells” in new festival roles

“The Last Church Bells”, which premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival and won the first prize for the best short film, continues with new festivals.
Following the recent participation in the official international competition at the Film Festival in Sylhet, Bangladesh, this month follows the screening at “Skopje Film Festival”, and then on the Globe International Silent Film Festival held in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
The festival’s life of the “The Last Church Bells”” continues with the official, international competition of the shortest film festival “Fastnet”, which will be held from May 23 to 27 in Schull, Republic of Ireland, and with  the participation of the International Short Film Festival and Animation in St. Petersburg, which starts on May 1.

“Fighting for Death” with television distribution in Europe, the United States and Asia

The short film “Fighting for Death” is one of the few films that provided television distribution through the Shorts TV channel in Europe, Asia and North America, whereby the award-winning film by author Eleonora Veninova produced by Goce Kralevski from DNF film will become available for the million audience on these continents.

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