“Fighting for Death” with television distribution in Europe, the United States and Asia

The short film “Fighting for Death” is one of the few films that provided television distribution through the Shorts TV channel in Europe, Asia and North America, whereby the award-winning film by author Eleonora Veninova produced by Goce Kralevski from DNF film will become available for the million audience on these continents.

The film will be featured on television screens in the company of 3,000 other films around the world, including short films nominated for the Academy Award for the past 12 years, as well as prestigious documentary short films. Shorts TV is a specialized movie channel for short films broadcast in Europe, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia, and is also available through most cable operators in the United States. Part of the movies can be seen through their online platform, but also purchased through I-tunes, Google Play, and Amazon Instant Video. The channel has collaborated with prestigious film festivals around the world, where they also select films for their catalog.

“This is a great opportunity for millions of people from all over the world to see the film after the successful festival life we’ve had for the past two years. Short films, especially those from Macedonia, rarely find a television distribution because there is no interest in them, but there are many opportunities to find a distribution in the world. You just have to have good film and endurance in the request of an appropriate distributor or channel.” says producer Goce Kralevski.

“With the producer, from the beginning, we set the task to take the film to every continent and we managed to do it with the festivals we participate in. The television distribution on a short film in the conditions of thousands of quality films from around the world is a great recognition for the whole team working on the “Fighting for Death”, writer and director Eleonora Veninova says.

The film has won 6 awards and participated in 40 festivals around the world, including a number of festivals qualifying for BAFTA, Oscar and European Film Awards.

The paradoxical drama in which two elders are arguing about the last tomb in a desolate Macedonian village was filmed last summer in the Mariin village of Kalen. The screenplay and direction are the award-winning Macedonian film author Eleonora Veninova, produced by Goce Kralevski from DNF Film. The actors Mite Grozdanov and Ilya Strumimikovski are in the role of both grandfathers, while Dimo Popov is the director of photography. The film is funded by the Macedonian Film Agency in cooperation with Channel 5 Television.